• Time on the Edge

    “Here we are again, ghost.”

    The ghost nods in solidarity.

    Standing with my toes two inches from the edge and leaning forward slightly to examine the details that fade into the depths below, I shrink. The ghost says nothing as usual.

    The lure of the void pulls me closer, so I take a seat at the edge of the world and look out into great mystery. Behind me echoes distant laughter, and I remember knowing how to play that instrument. Though I haven’t in what seems a very long time.

    The ghost pats my shoulder and wraps around me while I think about my options.

    As sun sets into nothingness, stars appear above me. I lay back to greet them, swinging my feet off the edge. The ghost draws pictures in the sky.

    The void is a temptation that guides me to reflection as I gaze and long for wings to fly.

    Having grown no wings, I return to my people.

    One last look over my shoulder. Don’t forget to wave goodbye to the ghost.

  • Boxes

    Everywhere around. Boxes.

    Stacked to the ceiling with all our belongings.

    We can’t let them go. We forget about them in darkened rooms.
    What’s inside has been in and out of many boxes in it’s life.

    Things. Stuff. Ideas. Hopes. Wishes.
    Everything goes in a box.

    Boxes weigh us down. Drown us in memories.

    Boxes remind us who we once were.
    What are we now? Are we boxes, too?

    I hate moving. There’s never enough time.

    Boxes. Never even opened all the boxes.
    Home is where the boxes are.

    Boxes. Everywhere boxes.

  • Piano

    All my thoughts are too dark today, but I write something anyway.

    Then the piano starts to play. Some stringed instrument begins to say,

    Hello dear stranger, who are you today?

  • More or Less

    More or Less

    Circles painted in my mind.

    Polka dots?

    Or fish nets?

    It’s not my fault I’m such a mess.

    I can say that I warned you.

    Let’s run away. Into the silence

    Like a moment to savor.

    A savior.

    What does it mean? If I find out, does it matter?

    Listen to me speak… Hatter Madder?

    Silence, be still, peace, please.

    Okay. I surrender. Stillness. Ease.

    Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash
  • The Inheritance

    The Inheritance

    How could they believe we would not see?

    One for you, none for me.

    Built on the backs of my family.

    My child chains. Your child the key.

    Declaring this is the only way it can be.

    Will they continue or set their friends free?

    Photo by Oscar Keys on Unsplash
  • Boiling Blood and Fire

    Boiling Blood and Fire

    It began silently. In our veins. Till we could no longer stand holding the fire within. Awaken, mothers of dragons. Let the fire free from this cage.

    Fire burns. Wounds scar. Aim is trained on unsuspecting victims. Tears fall to the ground and dry on their own. Never again, we promise one another.

    Time to fly. Think a happy thought.

    Spin into the stars and set our silence ablaze. Spin with bright lights and flames.

    There will be no blood today.

    Filling the streets the men make way for these fire beasts to safely move forward and push the old regime back into their caves. Dance for freedom.

  • Our Children are Suicidal

    Our Children are Suicidal

    Does anyone out there care?

    Brush it off your shoulder, cause it’s not your kid, and the parents are to blame.

    Our children are suicidal. Let that sink in. It will when it’s someone you love that goes without warning.

    Take a wild guess what is the youngest death by suicide? I’ll give you a hint if you’re too busy to find out: it’s in the single digits. Feel better now? Can you even try to imagine the pain of losing an elementary school kid to depression?

    If these children survive our system of fitting square pegs in round holes, square pegs with every corner bruised and broken become teenagers with guns at school.

    But there’s nothing we can do to change it because gun control doesn’t work, right? There’s always gonna be bad guys, right? Ever studied the early lives of criminals before?

    Shut up about the bad people that you say are a constant we can not change. Let’s focus on the ones we can save. Let’s talk about the ones who want to live! What world shall we leave our children with? This one that tears families apart and then shames them for being broken?

    Not my daughter, you bitch.

    We can’t live like this anymore, pretending that we are all so happy with the way things are. That a small tweak to the taxes would make things better. We need major change and it’s coming one way or the other. Can’t we work together? Save the Children.

  • So You’re Scared

    So You’re Scared

    Every problem you’ve had before,

    Somebody helped but enabled you more.

    Now you’re alone, and it’s all on your shoulders.

    Tiny pebbles weighing in as boulders.

    Wait in your corner for the bell to start.

    When it rings, you can’t hear it over the riot in your heart.

    Beaten and bruised by a relentless barrage

    Of oblivious nature and traditional entourage.

    Face the heat standing. Let it tan your skin.

    This is not real. They can not get in.

    Photo by Taylor Deas-Melesh on Unsplash
  • Boredom


    Now that the psychosis is gone, the boredom returns. A life worth living is all that one yearns.

    Why do I stay when the hounds howl in Hell? Singing the songs I recall so well.

    They try to tell me it was crazy from the start, but they weren’t there for that.

    Said you did me wrong, but I’d like to know when?

    No one knows cause it didn’t happen.

    Waiting on you, waiting on me.

    Two fish in a glass bowl adrift at sea.

    Photo by Kevin Wang on Unsplash
  • Life Changing

    Life Changing

    Bind on pickup, but it was a gift for you. So I have to keep it forever and never forget who. Instead, here is a gift card for that store you like. Don’t spend it all in one place.

    Your advice is worth more than these coins on the floor, but it’s much too late. I broke my piggy bank. Help me pick it up or stand and watch. Either way, I change my own socks.

    I knew you once and swiftly fell, hanging by my fingernails. You lift me up and pull me in, so why do I feel now like were not friends? I want to begin again.

    Running. Then walking. Next gasping for breath. Running up that hill again, scared of and to death. Listen, before I go, I just wanted you to know that I’m trying.

    Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash
  • Heart Trans-Plant

    I used to have an elastic heart that stretched too far and fell apart.
    With tender care and delicacy, a new lover made a paper heart for me.
    Every night I fill it up with air, but paper hearts were made to tear.

    I need a new heart now, it’s true. I started growing one for you.
    It needs sunlight, soil, and rain, not hid behind a window pane.
    When it’s ready, will you take it? I’ve made it so you can not break it.